Oral Presentation Guidelines

Length of Talks

Each session will have between 4 – 6 presenters and will be chaired by a selected individual. 

Presentations should last no longer than 12 minutes, there will be an additional 3 minutes for questions at the end of your talk.

We have a very busy programme and we will help you to keep on time as over-running impacts on other presenters and the programme overall.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the time for your session – as a minimum at the break prior to your session and one of the event organisers will assist you.

What size/format should I make my presentation slides?

Your presentation slides should be 16:9 in size.

Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF is accepted. If you are using alternative presentation software let us know and we can test it will work in advance.

When can I upload my presentation?

We request all presenters to upload their presentations in advance to ensure the smooth running of the event.  

Please upload your presentation by 5pm on 17 June 2024 to the Presentation Upload portal here with the subject header: 

ISEH Conference Oral Presentation: YOUR FULL NAME 

This will allow us to pre-load presentations in advance. You should also bring a copy of your presentation on USB, just to be on the safe side.

The presentation upload portal, is the same portal as the abstract portal, so please sign in using the same credentials as when you uploaded your abstract. Click 'Upload Presentation' and proceed to upload your PowerPoint presentation. If you have any trouble, please email your presentation to us instead to

Please consider the following accessibility guidelines:

  • It is recommended that in PowerPoint you use the widescreen (16:9) slide size.
  • • The amount of text per slide should be limited to allow for increased font size and to allow time for all delegates to read content. Be aware that neurodiverse delegates may need longer to read content.
  • Strong contrast should be used between text colour and background (e.g. dark font on a light background), and multiple text colours throughout the slide deck should be avoided.
  • Sans serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Calibri, Verdana etc) should be used where possible, in 18pt or larger.
  • Images within slides should include a caption that describes the image but does not overlay the image.
  • ‘Alt text’ for graphics and ‘image description’ for photos and images should be used whenever these are included in presentations. 
  • All conference rooms will have access to a laptop or PC which can accommodate most formats of PowerPoint. Technicians will be on hand to help you upload your presentation if required. 
  • Please see our quick guidelines on making accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Location of Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations will take place in rooms KCG7 and KCF7 in the Kings College.

Map of Kings College

What audio visual (AV) equipment will be available?

As a presenter, there will be a desktop for you to present beside, where you will have access to a comfort monitor screen which will enable easy access to view your presentation. You will have access to a laser pointer to control your slides and and access to a tie-clip microphone for your use. There will also be a helpers with hand-held microphones for the question-and-answer elements. A member of staff is on hand throughout the event to help you with any technical issues.