Research workshop: Very large scale motions (VLSM) in open-channel flows 

Monday 24th June 2024 - 09:30 AM – 5:00 PM

University of Aberdeen, Bishops Table, Crombie Hall of Residence, College Bounds, Aberdeen, AB24 3TS 

Registration Check-In Information

An event registration/help desk will be staffed for the duration of the conference and members of the organising committee will be on hand should you require any help or assistance. 

The key topics of the workshop include:

(1) Experimental and numerical techniques for studying LSMs and VLSMs in open-channel flows (e.g., What is the length of the flume and/or simulation domain required to fully reproduce LSMs/VLSMs? Why bulk velocity statistics is fully established much earlier than the full establishment of VLSM’s spectral peak, at least in LES? How VLSMs can be measured and what are most informative quantitative measures for identification of VLSMs and assessment of their topology? How spectral-space and real-space presentations are linked?). 

(2) VLSMs’ origin (e.g., Is VLSM an independently-generated turbulence feature or an ‘artefact’ of aligned LSMs? What is the topology of VLSMs? How LSMs and VLSMs coexist topologically, kinematically and energetically? What are the energy fluxes across the scales? What are contributions of LSMs and VLSMs to velocity statistics?) 

(3) VLSMs in complex open-channel flows (e.g., What are the effects of flow heterogeneities such as acceleration/deceleration, secondary currents, mixing layers, bifurcations, confluences, roughness transition, etc on VLSMs and their occurrence/performance in real-life OCFs such as rivers).

(4) VLSM potential contributions to river dynamics and ecology (e.g., What are the possible roles of VLSMs in sediment dynamics, substance mixing/dispersion, hydraulic resistance, and flow-biota interactions?). 


A sketch showing VLSMs in open-channel flow and explaining the nature of VLSMs’ contribution to the turbulent shear stress and uw co-spectra (from Zampiron et al., Very-large-scale motions in open-channel flow: Insights from velocity spectra, correlations, and structure functions. Phys. Fluids 36, 041707 (2024); doi: 10.1063/5.0205033.