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UBERTONE is specialized in the design and manufacturing of high resolution velocity and acoustic backscattering profilers for scientific applications and OEM acoustic based instruments for industries. 

With more than 15 years of experience in ultrasound measurements, our team, highly qualified in physics and electronics, works constantly to improve our products while providing high-quality client support. 

Ubertone’s devices allow measuring instantaneous velocity profiles, as well as backscattered echo amplitude in the lab and in the field. The company provides three families of products:

  • average 1-3C velocity profilers (known as UVP). They can be used as high resolution ADCPs, perfect for physical model characterisation, and field comparison. 
  • instantaneous 3C velocity profilers (known as ADVP). They are designed for turbulence measurements, ideal for detailed laboratory sediment transport studies.
  • acoustic backscattering profilers (known as ABS), used for SSC (Suspended Solids Concentration) measurements. 
Our velocity profilers offer a good alternative to ADVs. 

Ubertone offers solutions for various applications such as detailed flow visualization, turbulence and sediment transport studies, opaque liquids characterization, with instruments that can be used in open channel flows (sewage networks, wastewater treatment plants, physical models, small rivers, etc.) as well as in closed-conduit flows (pipes, experimental setups, etc.). 

Ubertone aims to bring those technologies to more users and applications, and thus develops user-friendly user interfaces, compact instruments, proposes feasibility studies, and also communicates a lot through demonstrations, training sessions, tutorials, webinars, workshops, conference booths with demonstration setups.

Read more: www.ubertone.com 

Register to our Workshop on Ultrasonic Doppler: www.ubertone.com/wud2024

And you are welcome to visit our stand at ISEH 2024, where we have a demonstration setup!

Aquatec Group has been a leading creator and innovator of subsea instrumentation for over 30 years. The company designs cutting-edge instruments, technology, services and solutions for underwater measurement, monitoring and communication. Its diverse portfolio features custom systems for offshore structure and pipeline monitoring applications, specialising in cathodic protection and monitoring, subsea pre-commissioning instrumentation, subsea leak detection, and remote data access with underwater readouts and through-water communication systems. It also has a range of products to measure physical oceanographic parameters, including temperature, depth, turbidity and suspended sediment. 

In-house expertise includes: 

  • Oceanographic instrumentation
  • Low power data loggers
  • Digital signal processing
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Underwater optical instrumentation
  • Suspended sediment acoustic characteristics
  • High-frequency acoustics
  • Underwater sound propagation
  • Underwater acoustic communication
  • Marine mammal acoustics
  • Cathodic protection
  • Hydrotest instrumentation

Read more: www.aquatecgroup.com

Visit our stand at ISEH 2024

Who we are

At SEPA, Scotland’s Environment Protection Agency, we’re on the front line of global action to tackle our climate and nature emergencies. As Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, we innovate, collaborate and drive collective action to help build a stronger, fairer and more sustainable nation.

We’ve been given a unique and visionary Statutory Purpose: to protect and improve the environment in ways that, as far as possible, also create health and wellbeing benefits and sustainable economic growth. We help Scotland adapt to a changing climate by ensuring that our regulation helps operators to realise the opportunities of a net zero, circular economy and be resilient to changes in our climate. We help to improve the quality of our environment for people and for nature by encouraging nature-based solutions and valuing multiple benefits.

As Scotland’s strategic flood risk management authority, we help partners, places and people avoid, adapt and take action against flooding. We’re influential, monitoring, researching, reporting and speaking out on the state of Scotland’s environment and our data is at the heart of progressive policy.

As a non-departmental public body we’re committed to delivering a high quality public service; a service that listens and responds to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. Part of this is our commitment to openness and transparency, coherent corporate governance and informed communications, enabling our 1300 people based right across Scotland to deliver the best for our environment.

Our work today is for the future of our environment.

Read more: www.sepa.org.uk or www.sepa.org.uk/flooding